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  • Earth Powder Infusion
    Published : 09/05/2023 17:02:23 | Categories : Default

    COLOURING POWER OF THE NATURE From the infusion of powders obtained from grinding flowers, roots and leaves in water, a natural and gentle colour service is born. A colour that uses ingredients of natural origin and draws from ancient beauty rituals. An authentic and genuine experience, which deems nature as its most authentic beauty ally. Earth Powder Infusion is a vegetable-based [...]

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  • Color trends spring summer 2023
    Published : 04/05/2023 11:33:06 | Categories : Default

    Discover the must colors of the season and follow the advice of our Master Colorist.

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    Published : 03/09/2023 12:26:00 | Categories : Default

    Natural lamination treatment with vegetable keratin that combines the effects of lamination with the benefits of a high intensity regenerating treatment.

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    Published : 09/14/2022 12:40:56 | Categories : Default

    Express your creativity with the new Direct Colour Mask. Cross and delight of all women, the choice of hair color is always difficult. From the warmest shades to the coldest, passing through the classic blond and intense chestnuts and fiery reds, every single shade is able to enhance the natural beauty of a woman. Choosing the one that best enhances is very important, but sometimes you [...]

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    Published : 09/13/2021 15:01:28 | Categories : Default

    A series of treatments ideal for taking care of the well-being of the scalp.

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  • Online digital academy
    Published : 09/07/2021 14:19:29 | Categories : Default

    To bring innovation into the world of training, we are pleased to announce a new “virtuous”

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