For each line we have selected a certified organic and biodynamic active ingredient of Italian origin.
Our state-of-the-art vegetable active ingredients are obtained from innovative and sustainable technologies such as:

Vegetable Bioliquefied molecules

An exclusive technological patent developed at the industrial chemical department of Bologna University, which allows to obtain 100% of vegetable biochemicals in a completely bioavailable and active form (phytocomplex).This makes our active principles extremely rapid and effective.

Vegetable stem cells

Undifferentiated cells which can be transformed into any type of cell which makes up the plant they are derived from.
By means of controlled stimulation strategies the expression of any cell of interest which the plant is able to produce can be obtained.
Due to these extraordinary features research is constantly dedicating greater attention to such cells in the cosmetology field.

Bio certified vegetable extracts

Active water extracts are certifed vegetable extracts obtained by means of a physical water extraction process, devoid of alcohol, glycols, glicerine or any other extraction solvent.
Our extracts are processed on-demand, so as to guarantee maximum integrity and naturalness of the active principles contained in them as well as the fragrance which marks the quality of the raw materials used.