Published : 12/01/2019 15:17:13
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The green beauty factor

The green beauty factor

Published: 12/01/2019 15:17:13

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It's undeniable: natural is the latest trend.

If, for a long time, green has been confined to niche products for the privileged few it is no longer like this, and the figures say it clearly: 2,4% new launches globally are green (almost 2,000 products a year among new items, new formulations, widening of ranges, re-launches...) and almost 50% of the total of cosmetic products on the Italian market.

The interest is on the one hand due to the offer, but also that of the demand. On the web, tags related to the natural world are booming (organic, bio, green, pure…) and green has become the key word of reference lately for beauty, fashion, travel, food and free time.

Google Trend has confirmed that words connected to the natural and bio world have been among the most searched for in the last 10 years and with regard to the consumption of “natural” products – food and non-food ones at a national level, in 2015 Ismea reported on about 2 billions, of which almost 300 millions only in the food division.


But why is green in such great demand? While technologies were overcoming time and space, consumers globally rediscovered the pleasure of a slower lifestyle and the awareness that what comes from Nature is more similar to us, and therefore better began to spread.

An increasing sensitivity towards Animals and the Environment. Natural cosmetics embody these topics perfectly because they are made in total respect of skin, animals and the environment.

Natural is a value which calls for other values. From ethical and social ones such as justice and solidarity, to those regarding sustainability and enhancement of the territory, biodiversity and local productions. Natural products are really appreciated because they are products that are good for us, but also for the environment which surrounds us.


After imposing itself in northern Europe and Germany, where particular attention has always been paid to concepts of environmental sustainability and renewable energy, the green conscience has won Italy over, gradually imposing itself in all sectors and distribution channels. A growing number of brands are choosing to have at least one green product in their range. A trend which is destined to grow even more in the coming years.

Human Highway, a company which deals with on-line research, has highlighted how in Italy, 70%  of consumers prefer “sustainable productions, environment-conscious and ethically committed”. A trend destined for growth in the future? Mintel figures on consumption trends confirm what will be dominating for the market over the next 10 years

Natural formulations

With the spreading of a new green-oriented conscience, the world of cosmetics has answered with purer and more natural products, made without resorting to petroleum derivatives, mineral oils, ingredients of animal origin or tested on animals (banned by law since 2008, but some companies of dubious origin still use them), colorants and synthetic perfumes. Silicon and Parabens.

Products formulated with botanical extracts, natural essential oils or ingredients of natural origin (modified in the laboratory, but with no waste or toxic contaminants), natural perfumes and aromas. Many of these active ingredients can be recognised as the INCI- the identity card of a cosmetic product- their Latin name is indicated.