Published : 08/12/2019 15:48:30
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A new concept of cosmetics

A new concept of cosmetics

Published: 08/12/2019 15:48:30

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Our passion for Beauty and our love of Nature have led us to become spokespeople for a new concept of cosmetics: a product which is not only good for the hair and skin, but also for the environment. 

It is clear that, for us at Previa, green is not just a matter of fashion or trends, but a choice born from a precise consideration: each one of us, with our own choices and actions, can contribute  concretely to making the Earth a better place to live on.  


A natural cosmetic is a “good” product in the broadest sense of the word: it respects Man and the Ecosystem, does not resort to animal testing and does not use any ingredients or raw materials tested on animals. It is skin and environment- friendly. A green product becomes much more than a choice of consumption: it is a choice which affects the value we give to ourselves and the world we live in. An ethical choice.


A natural product can be recognised immediately from its INCI: you will never see petroleum, parabens, aggressive surfactants, mineral oils, synthetic or animal-derived ingredients in its formulations, but you will find vegetal oils and butter, botanical extracts, emulsifiers and vegetal derived active ingredients: elements which are well tolerated by skin, hair and the environment. A product which is good for us and the environment we are surrounded by. 


Green is a central topic in the wide debate within the cosmetic industry, which concerns both products and processes. 

The theme of sustainability, in particular, involves several aspects: production processes (CO2 emissions, use of water, waste handling and energy thrift);packaging features (reductions in the use of materials, use of recycled packaging, recyclable and biodegradable materials); management of the production chain (sourcing raw material, logistics and distribution); product and corporate certifications. 

Previa's products are made with green PET and FSC certified recycled paper: a “forest-friendly” paper,  because it is obtained from selected recycled fibres  from forests managed responsibly and planted according to principles of controlled biodiversity.

Green PET, used in bottles is obtained from sugarcane. Not only does it contribute to reducing  CO2 emissions, it also comes from safe cultivations which do not resort to underage labour or exploitation of local labour. 

We have raised the awareness of our customers and users towards the adoption of a series of “virtuous practises ”on a daily basis: simple small gestures which allow for conscious use of resources while minimising waste. 

We've made our choice, it's up to you now! If you also believe in the perfection of Nature and in the love of Beauty and Authenticity, join us and #makeitnatural!