Published : 04-11-2020 17:48:29
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More than lights*

More than lights*

Published: 04-11-2020 17:48:29

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Not just highlights.
Balayage goes beyond the performance of the technique and is much more than a trendy whim. Born to last, it has now become an established standard of reference.

There are tendencies which end up transforming into something  greater. That is the case for balayage, born to offer an alternative in the panorama of lifts using an innovative application technique which has ended up becoming a point of reference in the coiffure world over the last decade. The secret of its success lies in its result: an even lift, with a really natural look versatile on all types of bases, not just a blonde one. Let’s forget about the effect of hair lifts, characterised by well-defined, rhythmically alternated streaks on the hair. Let’s also forget about shatush, the trailblazer of balayage, which marks a clear difference in tone between roots and ends.
Characterising balayage is its “sunkissed effect” the same as  when you come back from a holiday at the seaside and your hair looks generally lighter, in a pleasant and shiny way. In these years of the rediscovery of beauty, balayage provides the answer being available for application on blonde, brown and red hair, reinventing itself each season. The 2020 twist? Brunette balayage which sees as its protagonist brown shades illuminated by gourmand reflexes.

Relying on a specialist is essential when it comes to lifts: to ensure optimal results from
a technical, aesthetic and well-being point of view.

Specialisation is what makes the difference. This is the most important skill in order to make the client happy according to Franco Greco, Turin-based Balayage specialist. This is because carrying out lifts to the highest standards requires “great experience in hair colour, familiarity with the most diverse techniques and good taste”. Carrying out a good balayage service requires the ability to single out a harmonious point between the reflexes of the lifts and the complexion of the face, drawing a suitable outline for the face with light points, as well as guaranteeing a result which is respectful of the hair. “The technique is the same on all bases, be they blonde, chestnut or red” Franco Greco explains, “similarly pastel balayage works with pastel colours, therefore lifts the roots and darkens ends.
In all these cases the common goal is to achieve a made-to-measure result and create a chromatic harmony constructed around a single person. And, last but not least important, take care of the hair selecting suitable products and using them correctly in order to avoid compromising its integrity”.

The right technique for each look
Natural, almost imperceptible reflexes, reviving blondes and downplaying chestnuts or marked lifts, for more decisive styles.

Women and men have understood the importance of respecting the health of their hair from all points of view, without renouncing style. That is why, the lifting techniques perfected over the last few years follow this demand. Numerous methods and lifting techniques though, while guaranteeing optimal results, may also lead to different final outcomes. Which lifting technique works best? Actually, there is no one technique and a good colourist is such, only if they know how to choose the right one in order to obtain personalised results, based on hair type, traits, and haircut. Alongside the importance of mastering techniques, there is the knowledge of materials, which is even more important: the right bleaching product with which to carry out a lift, each one having their own characteristics and features.
For nuanced and gentle effects or more generally for those situations where working without foils is the desired option, a specific product will be necessary. In fact the use of a firm mix, easy to apply and which does not drip on surrounding hair after application, is important. A versatile product, ideal to enhance a professional’s creativity. For all those technical services which require foils or similar materials, creating a mix that is fluid enough will be important to allow for even distribution on the entire shaft.
In this case using cream or powder bleaches is preferrable. When working on lifts close to the skin, as in the case of short male or female looks, using a specific bleach for skin applications is recommended, as being gentler and more protective.
Bleaching pastes, in particular, are formulations rich in vitamins and ingredients with a conditioning, protective and soothing effect on skin and hair.