For healty strong and shiny hair

Made in italy.

Our product lines are entirely designed and produced in Italy, to garantee high quality.


Sophisticated formulations rich in natural active ingredients  for healthy, silky and shiny hair.


Products free from Sles, Dea and Paraben  to obtain excellent results in the utmost respect of the skin and hair.

Eco friendly.

Our communication materials  are made of recycled materials and have low environmental impact.

Volumizing Thickening Hair System.

A complete range of products specifically for fine and thin hair.


Fine hair is generally healthy but the overall effect is not particularly voluminous. In thin hair the cuticle is normally developed, while the cortex is thinner than this can make the hair brittle and consequently not resistant. Especially when hair is long, it becomes weak, fragile and sensitive: split ends are a common occurrence.

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For platinum blonde and grey hair.

Amazing Blonde System.

An anti-yellow rejuvenating conditioning treatment ideal for natural blonde, bleached, or highlighted hair and with superlightening shades. The Anti-Yellow Conditioning Shampoo and Anti-Yellow Conditioning Mask, rich in blue pigments, progressively remove the yellow and yellow-orange reflections resulting in the desired blond and silver reflections...

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